Sara Barnett



Born and raised in Southern Illinois, I grew up on a steady stream of Nintendo, Harry Potter, drawing, wrestling with my brother, softball and community theater.  It's hard to pinpoint a moment when I decided to devote my life to a creative pursuit. Age 10, perhaps? I drew the Powerpuff Girls in gel pen, and it was a huge hit with my fourth grade class. It's amazing how a few kind words from your teachers and peers can propel an entire career. My fascination with art fostered my true love of design. 

I'm passionate about bringing ideas to life through visual communication. Every project is an opportunity to fix problems and build lasting solutions through insight and innovation.

In between life at Paradowski Creative and various freelance projects, I submit designs to, donate design work to local organizations and keep up with assorted passion projects (see my Dribbble). I also frequent long hours in choir practice or at any theatre that will have me onstage. Thanks to my cinema obsession, I try to watch a new movie every day. 

And I owe everything to my mom, seriously.